The Vision: EDEN City Outreach is dedicated to empowering local communities to assume greater shared control and responsibility for social regeneration and improving the quality of life and standard of living of all citizens equitably. Community Support Network [CSN], is the vehicle through which EDEN City Outreach seeks to realise this vision. CSN supports whole communities in proactively working together for positive and sustainable community transformation. Our vision is to see Communities Supporting Communities, because
when we each play a small part, together we WILL make a big difference.

Invitation to Community Consultation & Engagement

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EDEN City Outreach is carrying out local community engagement and consultation on the potential and possibilities of a new social support concept ‘Community Support Network [CSN]’. CSN has the potential to positively transform whole communities, improving the standard of living and quality of life of all citizens—equitably.


Today, CSN is a concept, a proposed solution designed to be wholly owned, governed and led by local people. The first CSN is planned to be piloted throughout 2020 in Tower Hamlets (East London).


In preparation for that, EDEN City Outreach would like to hear from the local community, and any other interested parties: What do you want and/or need in order to better equip you to overcome some of the daily challenges you face? What barriers are making it difficult to achieve a local sense of ‘one community? How can local governments and social enterprises better support you in living out your best life?

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These are just some of the questions we will explore together during the first three insight/introductory sessions scheduled for October, November and December 2019.


It has taken over two years to get here. We now have an invaluable opportunity made possible through Tower Hamlets Council’s ‘Community Driving Change’ programme, so we want to make the most of it by connecting with as many local people as possible. We want to hear from you about what you want from a solution, to use your experiences, knowledge and wisdom to shape a model that really works for you.


So please, get in touch, get involved, tell a friend and let’s #StartAConversation.

EDEN City Outreach is piloting its first Community Support Network [CSN] in Tower Hamlets (East London). A CSN is a community hub that exists online and physically, within the local area, to provide local people (residential and businesses) with the opportunities, means and mechanisms to connect and collaborate wherever they have a shared need, concern, or aspiration.

EDEN City Outreach provides the platform; the community provides the power and the passion.


We are inviting Tower Hamlets citizen to participate in this Community Support Appeal: Will you be the One member of your local area to show your support by telling Ten others about this initiative and the potential for CSN.


Join our #OneTenCSN appeal. You can also show and share your support with us on Facebook and Twitter.

You don't have to live in Tower Hamlets to Get Involved; our long-term Vision includes establishing an EDEN City Outreach and CSN in every town, city and borough throughout the UK. Email to receive more information.

Communities Supporting Communities

Between the extremes of deprivation and wealth there is an emerging stratum; a faceless, voiceless majority [FVM] who daily struggle to exercise the basic rights and civil liberties afforded to them. Statistically we are 'average'; we are not impoverished but we are by no means wealthy, and so we are often overlooked by support services and charities who believe that our basic needs are adequately provided for. Divorced from the democratic process we are rendered helpless—powerless to influence the positive governance of our own lives.

What if we could change that? What if we could empower and position that silenced majority to make a real difference; to ease the burden on both the State and the limited reach of specialist charities--creating value where there is none. What if we, the FVM, simply by working together, could improve our quality of life and the standard of living for all—restoring whole communities?

A local CSN will give communities a legitimate voice within the democratic process, and positive and constructive access to contribute--as a collective--to shaping life in their own neighbourhoods--perhaps even nationally. Ordinary citizens, able to effortlessly connect and collaborate on common concerns, needs or ambitions; pooling their resources, knowledge and expertise to incredible effect.

The CSN platform, which will be available to all Tower Hamlets Citizens—residential and (small) business—will powerfully raise public awareness to local initiatives, community events, news and services--including those that might otherwise struggle to attract mainstream news coverage and subsequently fail to elicit the support needed to succeed. A CSN can unite local charities and social service providers to create a wider safety net to protect the vulnerable, magnifying and amplifying their efficacy. A CSN will improve community engagement, support and fund-raising potential. In fact the benefits of a community-led CSN is limited only to the commitment and passion of the community.

If we each play a small part,

together we will make a big difference.

Local Community Benefits:

  • SUPPORT & ENCOURAGEMENT - through increased face to face social interactions;

  •  ECONOMIES OF SCALE & EFFORT - enable community collectives to achieve more for less;

  • IMPROVED NEGOTIATING & PURCHASING POWER - from belonging to a larger, representational collective;

  • FRIENDSHIP - and opportunities to bond over shared experiences and problem solving;

  • STRONGER COMMUNITIES - better able to withstand political and economic instability;

  • SAFETY & SECURITY - from the successes you achieve together;

  • MENTAL HEALTH - the personal sense of achievement from making a positive contribution;

  • UNITY & EMPOWERMENT - through an amplified voice for the whole community; 

EDEN City Outreach is a not-for-profit social enterprise and Civil Society Organisation [CSO] that seeks to encourage, support and facilitate widespread community collaborations as the key to transforming whole communities, improving the standard of living and quality of life for all.


EDEN City Outreach is dedicated to empowering local communities to assume greater shared control, power and responsibility for social reform and effective local governance.


Ordinary citizens, working together and sharing their experiences, efforts and resources, can achieve the extraordinary.

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